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Adult pamper parties are a great way to get a good catch up with friends, family or celebrate a birthday, hen party or baby shower. You can pick from the treatment list or specifically tailored on request.

The treatments can be done in your own house, friend’s house or place you have hired.  Be it a living room, kitchen or space that is available. I bring everything I need to provide a flawless relaxing pamper party.

If out of the regular 10 mile radius then mileage is added. Contact for a quote.


Three – six people.

1 x 15 minute treatment £11

2 x 15 minute treatments £ 20.00

1 x 30 minute treatment £20.00


  • Facial Massage
  • Hand Treat
  • Feet Treat
  • Back Massage
  • Mini Facial


Little People Spa Parties

For ages 4 – 11year

£11.00each min 3 people

  • Mini facial*
  • Shoulder and scalp massage*
  • Foot spa
  • Hand or foot massage

This includes activity sheets, non-toxic nail polish and a small goodie bag!

*Done fully clothed sitting on a chair or on beauty bed.